Approaches to Multimedia Documentation of Engaged Learning and Public Scholarship

This workshop was co-developed with Prof. Michele Kahane and co-facilitated with Prof. Mary Watson, Dean of the New School for Public Engagement, The New School.

2017 Imagining America National Gathering. UCDAVIS, California.

Workshop description

This workshop explores how people involved in social engaged teaching and public scholarship can better document their work.  This is important not only for academics whose work must be assessed within often narrow evaluation frameworks, but also for students, partners, and communities who understand the potential of documentation as a critical form of public engagement itself.  

The New School Collaboratory is a university­-wide initiative that focuses on this question of documentation of socially engaged learning and scholarship.  The initiative aims to enhance the University’s efforts to foster meaningful, efficacious, and sustainable engagements with communities and external partners, as well as making these projects visible for evaluation in an academic context. The Collaboratory has hosted a community of practice and action research to provide a context to explore ways to enhance our academic community’s efforts to achieve excellence in socially engaged learning and public scholarship. More recently, The New School Collaboratory launched a website that showcases diverse representations of socially engaged projects, pedagogies, research and resources, in order to improve knowledge, reflection, collaboration and resource-sharing across the University and community partners.

Workshop slides and resources available upon request.

More on The New School Collaboratory here.